This guide is for Drupal 7 (UQ Standard) sites.
If you're working on a site built in the new version of Drupal (Study and Scholarships), see images on new Drupal.


Cropping removes the distracting or unwanted parts of an image and can help improve the image's composition and impact.

Cropping can also make an image fit for use. If your image is an odd shape or size, you can crop and resize it to fit our recommended image dimensions.

Once you've cropped your images, you'll still need to optimise them for the web.

All UQ staff can install Adobe Photoshop for free on their work computers to crop and edit images. Once downloaded, go to the Adobe website for instructions about cropping and resizing.

Tips for cropping images

There's a few things to keep in mind when cropping images:

  • Leave sufficient space around the subject of your image.
  • Avoid cropping people's limbs at the joint.
  • For profile images, position the person in the centre of the image and don't crop too close to their hairline.

Recommended image dimensions

To ensure your images look good in every Drupal component, we recommend the following dimensions:

Image type


Teaser images

640px by 640px

Card images

640px by 640px

Hero banners

2560px by 560px (landscape)

Profile images

640px by 640px