As part of the Digital Environment/my.UQ program (DEMU), research, design and planning are underway for a proposed UQ-wide intranet.

The UQ-wide intranet will provide personalised notifications, services and support to the following internal audiences:

  • All UQ students and staff 
  • A subset of all students and staff across UQ such as all project managers, or all HDR students 

Get involved

There will be wide consultation conducted as the planning and design of UQ-wide intranet progresses - we encourage UQ staff to get involved. We'll publish more information when consultation activities begin.

UQ-wide intranet sites are not available in 2022 

Continue to publish information for students and staff where you currently publish it – this may be the my.UQ website, the Current Staff website, your org unit website or another place. If you have an urgent need to change how you publish this information, submit an IT request to discuss the options.

Need help?

Ask the Intranet - Org unit community for help through our Microsoft 365 Implementation Support Team.

If you can't find your answer through the community, submit an IT request:

Submit an IT request