UQ intranet is built on SharePoint Online, part of Microsoft 365

UQ is gradually rolling out Microsoft 365 which incorporates many Microsoft applications including Outlook, OneDrive, Teams, Word, and Excel. 

This work includes rolling out an intranet service using SharePoint Online (the Microsoft 365 intranet platform).

Three tiers of intranet

Intranet at UQ will be organised into three tiers and rolled out in stages matching the tiers:

1. Org unit intranet

An org unit intranet contains information and services for all staff within a specific org unit such as a faculty, school, portfolio or division. Access is restricted to org unit staff only. 

Status: Currently available and supported

2. Proposed UQ-wide intranet

Information, services and support for all UQ students and staff, or a wide cross-section of students and staff (e.g. all HDR students, all staff who supervise other staff) containing information and services widely applicable across UQ.

Status: Research, planning and design phase as part of the Digital Environment/my.UQ (DEMU) program. We'll publish more information as the work continues.

3. Microsoft Teams

When a new Microsoft Team is created, a SharePoint site is automatically created along with it. This Teams site works as the underlying storage for the new Team, and can be used to collaborate on documents and share resources by small teams. 

Access to Teams is restricted to the members of the Team only. Teams is not suitable for building an org unit intranet or for publishing information outside your org unit. Submit an IT request to discuss your publishing requirements first.

Status: Currently available with limited support. Full governance and support being developed


Need help?

Ask the Intranet - Org unit community for help through our Microsoft 365 Implementation Support Team.

If you can't find your answer through the community, submit an IT request:

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