All org unit intranets must comply with UQ branding guidelines.

By default, your org unit intranet will have the 'UQ Theme v1.0' theme applied. This has been approved and you must not change the default theme. 

The overall look and feel has been designed to work with other standard elements of the intranet service so please contact ITS first if you have further questions.

The header allows you to manage the layout of the site header, theme and site logo. The required settings for the header are:

  • Layout - Compact
  • Background - Light grey
  • Site title visibility - On

Org units have the option of selecting either the default UQ shield as their site logo, or a unique icon that represents their organisation. The icon must be selected from the approved UQ icon set. If you cannot find an appropriate icon in the approved list, contact ITS for further help. 

  • Always use the hub navigation menu and hide the site navigation menus
  • The menu style is 'Mega menu' 
  • If you have additional sites in your intranet, ensure there are logical linkages to them from the navigation menu

See more on navigation.

Standards for consistent use of the footer will be developed as part of the UQ-wide intranet strategy. Currently, we advise leaving the footer space blank.

The navigation menu is recommended for maintaining consistent linkages across sites.