The navigation menu for your intranet is always created in the Home site and inherited by the News and events, and Information, services and support sites.

Org unit intranet navigation menu
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  • Only intranet coordinators can update the navigation menu. If you are an editor, you must contact your coordinator to add any new pages to the navigation.
  • The topics you develop under Information, services and support should be plain English and make sense to your users.
  • We recommend you do not exceed 12 top-level topics under Information, services and support. This improves the user experience and discoverability of your content.
  • The top-level topics in the navigation menu should match the topic links on the homepage.

More than 12 topics

If your intranet warrants an exception to add more than 12 top level topics, we recommend implementing a "More topics" category for the additional topics. This ensures that the navigation menu doesn't become unwieldy and remains usable.

Add or delete a navigation item

  • Click the Edit link at the right of the navigation menu
  • Click the '+' sign to add a navigation item.
  • By default, Link is selected in the Choose an option dropdown box. You can alter between the following options to format your navigation item:
    • Link: format navigation item as a hyperlink
    • Label: format navigation item as a heading with no link
  • When the Choose an option field is set to Link, the Address field becomes active and allows you to add a URL. Ensure to add an absolute URL in this field (including https:// and site-domain).
  • In the Display name field, add the text that you want to appear as the link text for this navigation item.
  • To delete a navigation item, click the three dots ("...") at the end of the navigation item and select Remove
  • After making the required changes to the navigation, ensure that you click Save at the bottom of the pane.

Reorder the navigation items

To change the order of your navigation, simply drag and drop the navigation item in the desired location. You can also click the three dots ("...") at the end of each navigation item and select either Move up or Move down to reorder.

Navigation items can be ordered to create a hierarchy, simply by clicking the three dots ("...") at the end of each navigation item and choosing either Make sub link or Promote sub link.

Audience targeting

Audience targeting is disabled by default. This should remain disabled on org unit intranet so that every staff member has a consistent view of the navigation and content in your intranet.

Using audience targeting in the navigation menu does not change who can access the content. If you have a need for audience targeting or tailoring permissions, log an IT support request to discuss the how best to meet your requirements.

For central UQ divisions whose core service is one of the top level topics, we advise that this topic can be deleted from the navigation menu if it seems redundant or is causing confusion when grouping content.

For example, ITS's core service is "Information technology", so a large amount of their content on their intranet will be related to information technology. ITS may choose to remove that item from the navigation menu and use more specific IT topics in the menu that represent their content.

However, we do recommend retaining the top level topic in the term set and continue to use it as a parent topic to to tag relevant content, news, and events. This will enable easier information sharing across sites when UQ-wide is developed further.