If a website needs updating and you're not sure who to contact, the information below can guide you.

Central websites

Central websites include:

If content needs updating on a central site and your area isn't responsible for the content, contact the relevant area (for example, contact Finance for finance content, Student Fees for fees content etc). You will be directed to the editor for that area.

If you're not sure who to contact, or if you're a central site editor and need help with an update, you can submit an IT request.

Faculty and institute sites

Faculties and institutes usually have their own web editor teams. To request content updates or website access, contact the relevant faculty or institute site coordinator.

Drupal access

If you want to edit a website yourself, you have to complete Drupal training. Make sure you speak to the site owner or site coordinator before you undertake training.

Learn more about Drupal training and access