The UQ Recognition and Reward Framework is an important part of our approach to:

  • recognising our people
  • celebrating our achievements and performance.

The framework is designed to be used by all staff to support recognition and reward efforts across the University. It provides an overarching approach for individual and team awards.

For recognition and reward to be effective and meaningful, it needs to be integrated into daily work practice. A successful recognition and reward approach includes a range of recognition and reward practices according to staff and UQ needs.

The Recognition and Reward Framework supports:

Download the Framework and Guidelines (PDF, 129.1 KB).

Types of recognition and reward

Regular and timely feedback is a primary component of performance recognition and an important element of building a performance-based culture. As well as providing performance feedback, we use other informal and formal mechanisms to recognise and reward staff performance, including:

For more information about recognition and reward practices and implementation, see the Framework and Guidelines (PDF, 129.1 KB).


Use these resources and links to implement a successful recognition and reward program in your area.

Articles, talks and tip sheets: