Here's what you can and can't submit under the 'CCTV' problem type in ARCHIBUS.


This problem type includes CCTV system faults such as:

  • Image clarity
  • Camera positioning
  • Damage.


This problem type does not include:

Information required

When logging a service request, please provide the following information:

What is happening with the camera:

  • Is the camera spinning?
  • Is it zoomed in at an odd position?
  • Is the dome cover damaged or off?

What is happening with the CCTV control keyboard:

  • Is the joystick stuck?
  • Is the keyboard beeping?
  • Are there any error messages?

What is happening with the software:

  • Are there error messages when you try to connect?

What is happening with the recording unit or switch equipment:

  • Is the recording unit beeping?
  • Is there a frame fault alarm on the CCTV switch?

ARCHIBUS Technical Support