Mandatory Zoom update required by 30 May

15 May 2020

From 30 May 2020, all staff and students must use Zoom version 5.0 or above to host or join a meeting or teaching session. This is a mandatory upgrade by Zoom to enhance the security of your meetings and improve the experience for all attendees. If you are not using Zoom 5.0, you will not be able to host or join a Zoom meeting or online teaching session after 30 May.

This new version of Zoom provides enhanced security through improved encryption as well as offering additional features including the ability to:

  • report a user who is potentially misusing the platform
  • enable waiting room; hosts may now turn this on whilst their meeting is already in progress
  • lock a meeting when all participants have arrived
  • remove participants.

To check which version of Zoom you are running and for instructions on how to install the latest update, see the following guides:

Please check all the devices you use for Zoom sessions including mobile devices and tablets. Remember: If you are off campus, you will need to connect to Software Centre and Self Service via the VPN.

For more information about Zoom see the Zoom user guide. For help and assistance contact IT support.