Report cyber security incidents

To appropriately manage and reduce the impact of cyber security incidents, it’s important you report incidents and suspicious events to IT Support as quickly as possible.

Contact IT Support if: 

  • You notice suspicious activity.
  • You think you may have fallen victim to phishing.
  • You may have shared sensitive information to an unintended recipient.
  • You may have accidentally installed malware.
  • You believe your accounts may have been compromised in any way.
  • You have lost your laptop or mobile device.

Your UQ account may be compromised if you notice changes you didn't make, or details you don't recognise. For example: 

  • Your password has changed.
  • New files have appeared in a drive.
  • Files have disappeared from a drive.
  • Your last login time is not what you expected. 

Sometimes the signs of an incident are small, so it's better to report something even if you are unsure. Our IT and cyber security staff are here to help protect you and UQ. Remember, cyber security is everyone’s responsibility.