My Timetable: new timetabling system for all students

24 January 2020

UQ has released a new preference-based timetabling system which aims to deliver a more equitable opportunity for students to obtain their timetables. My Timetable opened on Monday 20 January and in the first two days, more than 24,000 students entered 121,000+ preferences across 870 subjects.

UQ My Timetable


Students can log their preferences at any time which suits them before Monday 3 February, instead of waiting to be the first to log in as soon as classes are released.  This makes it easier for those who have other commitments, such as work, travel and family and are not able to sign up as soon as classes are released. Students will receive their timetables on Monday 10 February and there is a period of adjustment during which they can seek to change classes which may not suit. 

For more information visit the Systems Training Hub.