To get the most suitable IT support and enable us to provide efficient, effective service, it's important to follow the appropriate processes.

Request IT support

We encourage you to check the online guides and self-service knowledge base as there are many answers to common requests.

If you can't find the answer to your query, please submit an IT request. You will receive an email with an enquiry reference number from our system to allow you to track your request.

Our helpful Service Desk staff will assist or send your request to the relevant team if required.

If your request is urgent, call the Service Desk directly on 07 3365 6000 (x56000).

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    Request an update or escalate an urgent request

    To request an update, you can:

    To escalate an urgent request, call the Service Desk on 07 3365 6000 (x56000). To assist the process, have your enquiry number on hand.


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      How your IT request is prioritised

      Your request is prioritised based on a number of factors, listed below in order of significance:

      1. The issue is widespread and affects multiple people.
      2. You're unable to work at all, or there is a significant business impact or deadline to complete the activity.
      3. Your issue stops only a portion of your work.
      4. You have a request for something new.
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      When the Service Desk is unable to resolve your request

      Should your request be more complex, require specialist knowledge, or need someone to attend on site, your request will be sent to a specialist technician. You can expect the technician to:

      • prioritise their request queue daily
      • attempt to assist remotely first
      • provide you with updates as your request progresses
      • escalate your request if they are unable to assist you.

      If your request requires an on-campus physical repair and you are not based at one of UQ's main campuses, where practical a technician will be arranged to visit on a case-by-case basis.

      To better assist you, ITS requests that technicians are not contacted directly as:

      • the Service Desk can often instantly answer your enquiry
      • it can disrupt the prioritisation process which is aimed at providing the best support
      • they could be with another customer, or working on another IT request or project
      • the technician manages their tasks from the enquiries in their queue.
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      We're here to help

      Before contacting us, try browsing or searching for common questions.

      Submit staff IT request