What is the pre-made contact page?

The pre-made 'Contact' page is a packaged panel page used to display contact details on a website. This page has the URL of https://yoursite.uq.edu.au/contact

The contact page can be used to display phone, email and address details for an organisational unit. It can also show your staff directory or other team or sub-departmental contact information.

By default, a contact page has two parts:

  • header
  • tabs.

You can change the structure and content of a contact page to suit your needs.

Use the contact page when you want to show:

  • global contact information for your department
  • contact information for specific teams or sections within the department
  • a staff directory that lists each person in your department.
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How to enable the contact page

The pre-made contact page can be requested by:

  • site coordinators
  • site builders.

Submit an IT request to have the contact page added to your site.

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How to edit the contact page

Contact pages can be edited by:

  • editors (limited fields)
  • site coordinators (limited fields)
  • site builders.

When the contact page is switched on, the first tab will be called 'General enquiries' by default. Make sure to change the placeholder contact information.

To edit general enquiries content:

  1. Click 'Content' on the black Drupal menu.
  2. Type 'general enquiries' into the 'Title' box and click 'Apply'.
  3. Locate the general enquiries page and click 'edit' to make changes.

The staff directory tab will display the staff directory view by default. If you wish to display staff without the staff group filter, or via the team directory view, you can edit the tabs and change the 'Display' field to one of the other staff directory view displays.

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Best practice

  • Don't overwhelm the user with too many contact options.
  • Use the correct coordinates in Google Maps if you're using the map pane.
  • Don’t duplicate information from other parts of your site.
  • Don't use tabs if there is only one tab.
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