Site naming conventions

Following consistent naming conventions across the University will ensure it is easy for staff members to remember and quickly find the site they wish to access.

Site names

Follow these guidelines to set the names for each of the sites:

SiteSite name formatExample
HomeOrg unit acronym or name + “ intranet”
  • HASS intranet
  • Grad School intranet
  • Veterinary Science intranet
  • School of Music intranet
News and eventsOrg unit acronym or name + “ - News and events”
  • HASS - News and events
  • QBI - News and events
  • FBS - News and events
  • HSW - News and events
Information, services and supportOrg unit acronym or name + “ - Information, services and support”
  • HASS - Information, services and support
  • Grad School - Information, services and support
  • HSW - Information, services and support


  • if your org unit does not have a well-known acronym, use your full org unit name or a shortened version
  • use title case for the org unit name
  • use sentence case for the following: News and events, Information, services and support.

If the org unit intranet belongs to a school or faculty, Intranet coordinators:

  • may choose to remove the ‘School of' or 'Faculty of' prefix from the org unit name
  • if available, use a well-known acronym instead of the school or faculty’s full name (for example: SAFS intranet).

Site URLs

For all org unit intranets, the URLs for the three sites will follow these conventions:

  • Home -<OrgUnitAcronymOrName>-home
  • News and events -<OrgUnitAcronymOrName>-news
  • Information, services and support -<OrgUnitAcronymOrName>-iss

Page naming conventions

When a new page is created, SharePoint automatically saves a draft of the page using random alphanumeric characters. Intranet coordinators and editors must give the page an appropriate Page Title and Page Name (i.e. URL) prior to publishing the page.

Page Title

Page Title is added in the 'Title' area of each page and appears at the top of the page after it is saved/published.

Use plain English and sentence case to create page titles (except when including a proper noun or an acronym).

Page Name

By default, SharePoint saves a new page using the text from the Page Title and replacing all spaces with hyphens. Intranet coordinators and editors can choose to remove the extra hyphens.

Document file naming conventions

Create Document file names by using plain English and sentence case (except when using a proper noun or an acronym).

Example: org-unit-strategic-plan.pptx


When a file is added/uploaded to a document library, Intranet coordinators and editors should also update the 'Title' column for this new document appropriately. This column can be used to display a user-friendly title when the document is surfaced on a page, compared to the actual filename with file extension (i.e. how-to-update-site.docx).

  • Use plain English and sentence casing for the text entered in the 'Title' column.