UQ can provide account and internet services to staff from affiliated organisations and groups. Individual staff members from approved organisations can apply for an account.

Affiliate accounts only include internet access on UQ sites or campuses.

Business affiliates

Business affiliates are organisations located on a UQ campus, but not a UQ entity, e.g. UQ Sport. They can access online services through UQ's commercial network.

Research affiliates

UQ research affiliates can use the AARNET network in the same way as a UQ department, due to their research requirements.

Before you apply, you need to get approval from your organisation liaison.

Apply for an affiliate account

To apply for an account, submit an application form (PDF, 300.8 KB).

You can also use this form to change or cancel your account.

Business affiliate account requests can have a maximum requested end date of 3 years at a time, applicable only to full-time staff, while casual employees should still utilise a maximum of 12 months.

If you want to sign the application form with an e-signature, complete the form using a PDF editor, e.g. Adobe Acrobat.

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