UQ classifies all professional positions, including research professional roles that are for 12 months or longer.

The job evaluation process determines the classification level of a position based upon the work value of the position, including the:

  • training and experience required to perform the role
  • complexity of task level
  • level of responsibility
  • decision-making
  • autonomy required of the position.

See the Evaluation and Classification of Positions Policy and Procedures [5.40.03] for details about the process.

Requesting a job evaluation

To request a job evaluation, you need to complete the relevant form for the situation.

Read the guidelines for completing a job classification request (PDF, 223 KB) for more information on the detail required in the form.

Situation requiring a job evaluation request Form to complete
A new or current position Classification evaluation form (DOCX, 32.4 KB)
A new position that is similar to a role in the same or similar organisational unit Classification evaluation – commonality of duties form (DOCX, 19.9 KB)
A new or current position that spans two classification levels between HEW levels 1-7 Classification evaluation – broadband form (DOCX, 19.7 KB)

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