All staff are encouraged to complete the Managing Unconscious Bias Program to help foster a diverse and inclusive work culture.

Everyone has unconscious biases that can unintentionally affect decision-making in the workplace, and impede the growth and development of our colleagues. All UQ staff need to actively address and manage these biases to help create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

The Managing Unconscious Bias Program will:

  • provide you with a basic understanding of unconscious biases
  • equip you with practical strategies you can implement in your work area to reduce the impact of these biases.

Who should complete the program

All staff are encouraged to complete the program.

It is particularly recommended for staff who are involved in decision-making at key points of the employment cycle, including:

  • recruitment and selection
  • promotion.

How to complete the program

To complete the program you must complete online training and attend a face-to-face workshop organised by your team or organisational unit.

We recommend that all members of your team complete the program together.

Step 1: Complete the online training

The online training thoroughly addresses unconscious biases surrounding gender. As apart of the training, you'll need to complete:

  • three 40-minute learning modules
  • an assessment task.

The assessment task measures the strength of unconscious associations, including associations between leadership and gender, age, Indigeneity and ethnicity. You'll receive a ‘takeaway results report’ after you complete it.

To access the online training, enrol through Learn.UQ (Blackboard).

Access the online training (staff login required)

The assessment task requires the use of a mouse and therefore may be inaccessible to some staff with disabilities. For these staff, the assessment is not crucial to the completion of the program.

Step 2: Organise and attend a workshop

The Managing Unconscious Bias workshop supplements the online training by:

  • addressing unconscious bias surrounding diverse and intersectional groups
  • equipping you with practical, bias-mitigating strategies and inclusive practices that can be implemented within your work area.

Workshops need to be organised by your organisational unit or team. The workshop is 1-hour long and should have no more than 20 participants.

How to organise a workshop for your team

To organise a workshop:

  1. Get approval from your supervisor.
  2. Choose a facilitator from the workshop facilitators list. We are aiming to have facilitators in all organisational units, but you can choose a facilitator from any area.
  3. Email the facilitator an outline of your team's needs (e.g. number and timing of workshops), and work with them to schedule dates and times that suit everyone.
  4. Once you've agreed on details, book a room with a computer and screen (to display a PowerPoint presentation), and enough room for all attendees.
  5. Invite staff who have completed the online training.

If you have questions about organising the workshop, contact your HR Client Services team.

Find a facilitator

Campus or site Facilitator Organisational unit
St Lucia Robyn Rossback BEL HR Client Services team 
St Lucia Natalie Hardy EAIT HR Client Services team
St Lucia Karen Roper EAIT HR Client Services team
St Lucia Chelse Dunne HABS HR Client Services team
St Lucia Emily Fraser HABS HR Cient Services team
St Lucia Lauren Brodie Medicine HR Client Services team
St Lucia Julie Campbell Medicine HR Client Services team
St Lucia Natasha Crocker Medicine HR Client Services team
St Lucia Carrie Finn Business School
St Lucia Melina Gautschi Institutes HR Client Services team
St Lucia Lizanne Holt Institutes HR Client Services team
St Lucia Jodi Clyde-Smith Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB)
St Lucia Donna Easton Institute for Molecular Bioscience (IMB)
St Lucia Taylor Bamin HR – Workplace Diversity and Inclusion
St Lucia Serena Leeke Strategic Program Office

Supervisor responsibilities

Supervisors must:

  • monitor which staff in their team complete the online training
  • ensure that these staff also complete the face-to-face workshop
  • support their team to coordinate the delivery of a face-to-face workshop in their area.

You can check the training status of your team by viewing the online staff training completion record in the UQ Reportal.

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Become a facilitator

We're looking for staff to become facilitators of Managing Unconscious Bias workshops. If you're interested, you need to:

  1. Complete the online training and assessment. You need to enrol to access the online training.
  2. Attend Managing Unconscious Bias Train-the-Trainer training.

Contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion if you have any questions.