Here's what you can and can't submit under the 'Lifts' problem type in ARCHIBUS.

Lift entrapment

If a person is stuck in a lift, don't log a job online:

  • During business hours, ring PF Assist: 3365 2222
  • After hours, ring Security: 3365 3333.


This problem type includes:

  • Lift not functioning
  • Erratic performance or unusual noises
  • Buttons stuck
  • Light bulbs or indicators not functioning
  • Doors not opening or closing
  • Lift not aligned with floor.

Information required

When logging a service request, please provide the following information:

  • If the lift is stuck: which level is it stuck at?
  • The lift number, which is usually above the lift buttons.

View example picture of a lift number

ARCHIBUS Technical Support