The Promoting Women Fellowship are designed to enable academic staff who identify as women to bolster their career trajectory.  These grants are specifically targeted towards women who may need the additional support to maintain or regain their trajectory, and where this small amount of funding is likely to be quite impactful.

These grants are not intended for those who:

  • Have already received a substantial amount of grant funding in the past five years, either externally or internally to UQ
  • Are already on a career trajectory that is likely to lead to promotion without the PWF grant
  • Have not faced any additional barrier or challenges which have impacted their career progression or outcomes. 

To receive a fellowship, you will need to demonstrate how the $12,500 will make a difference to your career, by providing a very clear impact statement.  This statement needs to be endorsed by your Head of School, head of Department or another senior Supervisor.   

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In an endeavor to support UQ’s SAGE Athena SWAN strategy to address women under-representation in senior academic roles, the 2023 PWF grants are targeting:

  • Promotion support: enhance promotion prospects
  • Career break support: re-join academia post time away from work (including, but not limited to carer’s leave, parental leave) or modification in work pattern or job role due to personal life happenings

The Fellowships are governed by the UQ Gender Steering Committee.

Applications for the Promoting Women Fellowship have been paused and are not available in 2024. 


  • Women employed at Academic Levels B or C
  • Employed in any academic category type (I.e., Clinical, Teaching and Research, Teaching Focused or Research Focused)
  • Employed on a continuing or fixed-term contract either full-time or part-time
  • Intending to apply for promotion within the next three years (I.e. 2022-2024) and/or
  • you must have been away from work for personal reasons, or your work pattern was impacted due to your caring/parental or other responsibilities in the last three years (I.e. 2019-2021).
  • If you modified your work pattern due to COVID-19 business related changes, please apply in the career break stream.

Application of funds

PWF funds can be used in a variety of ways, as agreed with your supervisor.  Some suggested uses include:

  • completing or focusing on current research
  • developing a proposal for new research or grant application
  • developing teaching excellence, or increasing or demonstrating its impact
  • sourcing additional research or teaching support or resources (staff, technology)
  • delivering publications, writing or contributing to a book
  • presenting at external conferences, events etc.
  • enhancing skills in teaching, research or engagement
  • enhancing your industry engagement
  • media or community/industry engagement support.

The funds cannot be used for domestic support, childcare or other activities which may incur a fringe benefit tax or to assist with the completion of doctoral studies.

Application process

For this round of Fellowships:

  • Applications closed

Selection process

The Selection Committee (consisting of 1 Gender Steering Committee (GSC) representative, 1 senior academic female, 1 WD&I member), the primary selection criteria are:

  • Alignment of the Fellowship priorities as determined by the GSC
  • The achievability of the proposed program of work within the Fellowship period
  • The degree to which the Fellowship will make a tangible impact on your promotability or career trajectory within a 3-year period

Further consideration will be given to:

  • Applicants impacted by COVID-19 business and personal impacts
  • Applicants in under-represented disciplines will be prioritised
  • Under-represented groups, such as Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) backgrounds, LGBTQIA+ members, staff with disability or on reasonable adjustment plans, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage

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Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

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