UQ promotes a culture of continuous learning and performance improvement. We have resources designed to support staff development and training.

We encourage all staff to further your opportunities and develop your career. We can help you to achieve your professional goals with training, mentoring and through staff development courses. 

Staff development courses are categorised into courses that you are required to complete, courses that we recommend you complete, and courses that focus on skill development and career enhancement, which can be taken at your (and your supervisor's) discretion.

All new staff need to complete some required training, including staff induction and health and safety training. Depending on your area or role, you may also be required to do additional training. Ask your supervisor what training is required for your specific role.

The list of required courses (XLSX, 27.1 KB) details the required and recommended courses for particular roles or functions. It's the responsibility of staff and supervisors to ensure that you undertake the appropriate courses for your role and/or function.

For more information about induction and training requirements, visit:

New staff induction Workplace health and safety training.

Professional development

UQ's approach to staff professional development is outlined in the Staff Development Policy [5.80.01]. We have a range of paths to new skills and knowledge.

Staff Development Program

The UQ Staff Development Program offers a broad range of courses for all UQ staff. These courses will help you develop skills or improve your capabilities across areas including research management, teaching and learning, software skills and personal skills such as leadership, communication or customer service.

Learn more about the Staff Development Program

Other training providers

Staff may also access training courses offered by other providers, both within and outside UQ. Before you enrol in a course run by other providers, you and your supervisor should discuss whether course fees will be paid by the organisational unit or by you.

For advice on how to find other training providers, contact your local HR representative.

First aid training

If a UQ-run first aid course is fully booked, or if you need to attend a course on a different date, you can complete a first aid course with an approved and registered provider:

Online learning


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) give you (usually free) online access to a broad range of courses offered by leading universities from around the world. Go to the edX website to view:

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is an online repository of training courses which all UQ staff can access to enhance their technology and professional skills. The site features over 100,000 video tutorials and guided online classes.

Find out how to access LinkedIn Learning

Other professional development

Not all professional development requires you to attend a course — most of our learning happens on the job. There are many options for developing new skills at UQ:

  • mentoring
  • individual coaching
  • peer discussion and networking
  • new duties or projects
  • job shadowing or job rotation
  • podcasts, books, magazines or academic research
  • conferences
  • formal study.

UQ also offers a range of leadership development and career progression programs.

If you're not sure where to start, visit Planning your training and development for help.