Staff development courses are available for all UQ staff members. In some cases, staff of affiliated organisations may also be able to attend courses.

The Staff development calendar is released on 1 January each year.

Course listing

  Full alphabetical course list


Academic career development

Orients academics to the UQ teaching, learning, research and engagement contexts and provides guidance and support for staff undertaking the University’s probation and promotion processes.

Customer service skills

Provides essential customer service skills and gives strategies for communicating with difficult people, maintaining a professional manner and staying focused and confident.

Equity and diversity

Develops understanding of UQ as an inclusive environment which promotes integrity and respect for persons and practices consistent with equal opportunity and social justice.


Welcomes new staff and introduces them to the context and environment in which they will work, and supports managers with the induction of their new staff.


Provides insights and skills for staff who are engaged in international activities, from developing strategic partnerships through to student recruitment.


Gives insight into the knowledge and skills required in dealing with media, marketing and events.

Office professionals

Develops expertise and networks that will help office professionals to excel. Offered in collaboration with the University of Queensland Professionals Network (UQPN).

Senior management development

Enables senior officers to strengthen their experience and capabilities which contribute to the achievement of organisational goals.


The Ethics program is designed to develop managers' and supervisors' ethical decision-making skills.

Job evaluation

Provides training in the evaluation and classification of Professional roles HEW 1-9.

Leadership and self-development

Provides leadership development for all levels of staff, including self-development.

Management skills and organisational compliance

Gives supervisors important information, skills and resources to assist them effectively manage staff.

Skill development

Strengthens the work skills needed for efficient and effective performance.

finance, IT and administration


Provides information and practice in UQ's financial systems, procedures and policies.

Human Resources systems

Provides instruction in the use of the University's online HR and Payroll System (Aurion) and UQ Jobs.

Information technology

Expands participants' understanding and practical use of software such as Microsoft Office.

SI-net training

Ensures a good understanding of all aspects of SI-net.

Teaching and Learning technologies

Offers a range of courses relating to eLearning software and systems, such as Blackboard, collaboration tools and virtual classrooms.

University administrative systems

Provides training in UQ systems such as Business Objects, TRIM, ARCHIBUS and SITS Vision online applications.


Maximising your HDR Advisory skills

Provides HDR advisors with skills and information to begin, and continue, a rewarding HDR advisory career. Sessions cover key aspects of advising students to facilitate learning, discovery and engagement.

Research leadership

Supports the management of research.

Responsible research practices

Provides the training and resources required to ensure integrity in research and scholarships.

Research management and training

Provides early career researchers, new UQ research staff and research management staff with skills training across various aspects of research grants activity.

HDR management and administration

Provides policy and procedural information and strategies for Postgraduate Coordinators and Administrative Officers to assist with the management and administration of Research Higher Degree Candidature.

teaching, learning and assessment

Teaching and Learning Communities

Provides opportunities for UQ teachers to meet new colleagues, share their work and learn from others in a relaxed environment.

Teaching and Learning induction program

Programs in this series are designed to support teaching staff new to UQ in developing their teaching practice. Programs provide opportunities to learn about higher education pedagogy and practice, build networks and skills, and understand UQ policy.

Teaching and Learning series

Hands-on workshops and activities that provide teachers and course coordinators with tools and techniques to enhance teaching practices in a range of disciplines and settings. Workshops are also provided to support the development of curriculum leadership and coordination.

hsw and sustainability


Covers work practices and regulatory requirements for working with biological material.


Provides information on operational and legislative sustainability requirements, including duty of care, environmental practices and UQ's sustainability programs.

Chemical safety

Outlines classes of hazardous chemicals, and provides information on how to label, store, handle and transport them. Participants will learn about managing inventories, risk assessments and highly hazardous chemicals. The training is suitable for lab supervisors, researchers, field workers and others.

Ergonomics and manual tasks

Provides advice to workers and supervisors to minimise risk of musculoskeletal injury during manual tasks. Guidance is provided for tasks in a variety of work environments, including offices, laboratories and industrial settings.

Fire and emergency

Provides participants with the knowledge, training and practical skills required to effectively perform the role of Building Floor Warden. Fire extinguisher training is included.

Governance and consultation

Provides managers, supervisors, safety managers/coordinators (WHSC) and safety representatives (HSR) with the information, skills and resources required to effectively implement safety systems and apply risk management strategies in the workplace.

Occupational health

Provides First Aid Officers with the training and skills required to manage emergency first aid situations.

Radiation safety

This two-part course is approved by Queensland Radiation Health and is a prerequisite for application for a user licence under the Radiation Safety Act 1999.

Safe work environment

Provides information and skills needed to effectively manage a complex range of hazards present in University work environments, covering specifics such as workshops, laboratories, noise and personal protective equipment (PPE).