Planning and presenting courses

The University Staff Development Committee is grateful for the contributions of the volunteer staff who coordinate and present our courses.

Course Owners, Learning Partners, Learning Content Creators and Learning Instructors play an integral role in the designing, planning and delivery of the Staff Development Program. Each role has several responsibilities.

Learning Content Creator

  • Create and edit learning content in Workday 
  • Schedule offerings for in-person courses in Workday 

Learning Instructor 

  • View enrolments in Workday 
  • Records attendance in Workday upon course conclusion 

Learning Partner 

  • Access will be provided to a limited number of individuals who are required to manage enrolments or conduct reporting within Workday, for learning completions across the University 

Current Learning Content Creators, Learning Instructors, and Learning Partners can refer to Quick Reference Guides for specific information and instructions relating to each Workday security role.


Learning Content Creators should review enrolment and waitlists in Workday prior to course delivery to check the number of enrollees and suitability of participants. 

If a course is undersubscribed, the coordinator can advertise in UQ Update or send a targeted email advertising the course.


We recommend course materials are emailed to participants or attached to the course within Workday as an additional lesson, to reduce our environmental impact. If physical handouts are required, Learning Content Creators should help Learning Instructors to produce these.


Surveys are attached as a lesson to hybrid, face to face courses within Workday and are marked as non-mandatory lessons. If a course requires a mandatory survey, contact for advice. Learning Instructors, please remind attendees to complete their course survey within Workday prior to course conclusion.

Webinar links 

Webinar/Teams/Zoom links can be embedded into the individual offerings in Workday, by selecting Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led) lesson or update an In Person Classroom lesson to online.  Please refer to Systems Training Hub guides or contact Links will be available to enrollees once their registration request is approved by their Manager within Workday and the enrolee will have an option to add the course enrolment including the link to their Workday calendar. To update your In Person Classroom session to online Webinar/ Zoom/Teams session please ask for instructions.