How to contact support staff and reduce your wait time

Our Finance, ITS and HR teams are inundated with duplicate support emails, which occur when staff email multiple support accounts at once. Identifying and removing duplicates in our online support system takes up valuable time, and means we can’t assist you as quickly as we’d like to.

To ensure we can assess, direct and resolve your queries and requests as quickly as possible, please do not email multiple support accounts at once. Instead, please send your email to one support team only.

If you are not sure who to contact, please use the links below for more information:

Information Technology Services

Human Resources


For all other support services, please select the relevant division and click through to their website to view their support contacts.  

Please note that if you are still not sure who to contact, send your request to the main support email for the relevant division (available on their contacts page) and we will direct your query accordingly.