What is the blog listing page?

The 'Blog' listing page is an automatic feed of blog posts that have been published on your website. This page has the URL of https://yoursite.uq.edu.au/blog

For each blog post, the blog listing page shows a teaser display, which includes a:

  • title (linked to the post)
  • publication date
  • summary
  • teaser image.

The blog listing page can display up to 20 posts at a time – links to additional pages are included at the bottom of the page to allow users to access older posts.

There may be a short delay for new posts appearing or unpublished posts disappearing from the listing page due to page caching.

Use the blog listing page when you want to:

  • display all blog posts in one place
  • show all blog posts in date order.
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How to enable the blog listing page

The pre-made blog listing page can be requested by:

  • site coordinators
  • site builders.

Submit an IT request to have this page added to your site.

Once the blog listing page is added to your site, it will work automatically with the 'Blog post' content type– you don't have to do anything other than re-order the link in your main menu.

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Best practice

  • If you need multiple blog pages organised by topic or author, you can manually create separate panel pages and then tag blog posts on each relevant page.
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