Call SAM is a free service for small works across all UQ campuses.

A carpenter can complete small jobs such as:

  • installing whiteboards and pinboards
  • hanging pictures, hooks and brackets
  • new doorstops and closers.

Your unit will only need to order and pay for significant materials (e.g.  whiteboards and pinboards) through UQeMarket.

How to call SAM

Log in to ARCHIBUS and click 'Create Service Request' under 'ServiceFM Service Request', then:

  • Click the 'Call SAM' button (the echidna icon).
  • Fill out details of the request. There will be no charge to your account without your approval.
  • A Call SAM carpenter will come to your workplace and assess whether the request is a small job. If the job is not a small job, it will be directed to P&F for quoting and your approval before proceeding.
  • If you already have the materials required, then SAM can do the job promptly. Alternately, SAM can  return to complete the job when the materials you have ordered arrive.

Questions and feedback:

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