The UQ Drupal platform provides free hosting for UQ-branded websites. If you need hosting for a custom web application, you can choose between two paid options.

If you're not sure whether you need a website or web application, submit an IT request for advice.


If you would like a website for your organisational unit, project or marketing campaign, our UQ Drupal web platform allows you to create and manage a UQ-branded website. This platform is maintained and supported by Information Technology Services (ITS), and available to all UQ organisational units at no cost.

If you are affiliated with a faculty or institute, contact your local web coordinator or manager before requesting a new site.

If you don't have a local web coordinator or would like a non-UQ-branded website, submit a request for a new website.

Domain names

Custom '' domain names are available in accordance with the domain naming standards stated in the UQ Digital Presence Procedures [6.20.08].

Affiliate organisations may need to register a third-party domain (such as .com or .org). Submit an IT request to discuss your requirements. There may be fees for domain registration.

Web applications

There are two options for hosting web applications:

  • external hosting, provided by an external organisation
  • self-service hosting, provided by UQ.

You should choose the option that is best suited to your application requirements. There are costs associated with both options.

Before you build and release a custom web application, you need to confirm that your team has approved funding and resources to provide support and maintenance for the lifespan of the application. This includes ongoing security, library and dependency updates.

External hosting

External web hosting companies offer a variety of services and varying levels of technical support.

If you would like to host your application externally, you must get approval from ITS before you proceed with any service agreement with an external hosting company.

To request approval, submit an IT request. In your request, include:

  • the purpose of the application
  • your budget
  • the lifespan of the application
  • any approved funding or resources for ongoing support
  • the timeframe for the application to go live.

Self-service hosting

UQ's 'Altera' self-service web hosting is a paid service available to all UQ organisational units and affiliate organisations.

This service is primarily designed for highly customised web applications. It is recommended only if you have the technical knowledge and resources to carry out required administration and maintenance tasks. Only very limited technical support is provided.

The Altera hosting environment provides a virtual Unix-based web server with:

  • PHP 5.3
  • 200MB of web space
  • MySQL database (up to 5MB)
  • email address.

To apply for Altera web hosting services, submit an application:

You can also use this form to request changes to your existing service.

The costs for self-service hosting are different for UQ organisational units and affiliate organisations. All prices are exclusive of GST.

  UQ organisational units Affiliate organisations
Set-up $50 $55
Ongoing costs $16 per month or part thereof $105.60 per 6 months or part thereof
Additional web space $0.44 per 20MB $2.90 per 20MB

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