What is a short course?

The 'Short course' content type should be used for any professional development or short course that isn't in SI-net.

This content type lets you promote and publish information about the course, but it doesn't support registration or enrolment – you'll have to link to the relevant system or form for this.

See a short course page (staff login required)

Use a short course page for:

  • any course that isn't in SI-net.

Don't use a short course page for:

  • courses offered by external providers
  • official UQ award courses in SI-net.
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How to create a short course

Short courses can be created, edited and deleted by:

  • editors
  • site coordinators.

Once you log in to you site:

  1. Hover over the Drupal 'Content' menu, then go to 'Add content' > 'Short course'.
  2. Enter a title for the course.
  3. Add a brief overview of the course in the 'Introduction' field.
  4. Fill in the relevant fields under the 'Course details', 'Sessions', and 'Enrolment' tabs. For more information, see the 'Fields' section on this page.
  5. Add a teaser image.
  6. Select a Student story from the 'Past participants' drop-down menu to add a testimonial.
  7. Click the 'Publish' button to save and publish the page.
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Best practice

  • Keep the introduction short, don't put all information about the course into this one field.
  • Create multiple sessions if the course is offered multiple times per year.
  • Include an enrolment call to action in the 'Enrolment information' field.
  • Make sure a student story exists for any past participants who have completed the course and have provided a testimonial.
  • Make sure a Person profile exists for the course facilitator so you can add it to the relevant session.
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Fill in all required fields and as many optional fields as possible to provide the best user experience.

Field name

Required field?




Page title and H1 of the short course page.



Provides a short description of the page content that will display in search results. It will also display in teaser and card views.



Displays a short introduction to the course.

Course details > Topic


Taxonomy term category which is used to filter the short course listing view.

Course details > Duration


A brief summary of the entire course course length (for example, 2 weekends or 3 days).

Course details > Location


Allows you to add general location information (for example, campus or city details).

Course details > Enrolment options


Displays a short description of enrolment options such as 'standalone course'.

Course details > Cost


Displays cost information for the course.

Course details > Award points


Displays award point value towards any certification (for example, "provides 20 points towards professional accreditation with industry body ABC").

Course details > What you will learn


An overview of what students can expect to learn in the course.

Course details > Topics covered


A list of specific topics that students can expect to cover when they take the course.

Course details > Who the course is designed for


A brief summary of type of person the course is appropriate for.

Course details > Style of learning


An overview of the learning style used in the course (for example, research project or online coursework).

Course details > Location


Specific location information, such as full address, room numbers or directions.

Course details > Map location


A Google maps marker for the venue location. Displays the map on the course page.

Sessions > Facilitator introduction


Displays general information about course facilitators. This can be used to provide an overview of a faculty, school or specific person. Facilitators are referenced on each individual session.

Sessions > Course dates


Displays the start and finish date and time for the course. You can add more than one session.

Sessions > Session facilitators


Displays the facilitator/s for the session by referencing their Person profile.

Enrolment > Enrolment information


Creates an 'Enrolment' tab that displays all relevant information about registration. Use this field to provide information about how to register, including a link to the registration system or form.

Enrolment > Enquire


Use this field to display contact information about registration.

Enrolment > Brochure


Allows you to upload a PDF file about the course.

Brochure > Title


Displays the title of the brochure. Used for the link text.

Brochure > File


Allows you to upload the brochure file.

Teaser image


Displays image on teaser and card views.

Hero image


Replaces the default page header with a hero banner header.



Allows the page to be tagged with taxonomy terms.

Past participants


Allows you to add student stories for past participants who have completed the course. This will create a card at the bottom of the page that displays a quote from the student story and a link to the 'Student story' page.

Related courses


Shows other similar courses at the bottom of the page.

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