Org unit intranet sites are governed as part of the Intranet channel under the Digital Presence Procedure.

This section provides further detail about roles and responsibilities for org unit intranet and how org unit intranet relates to UQ's Information management policy and Information Governance and Management Framework.

Keep in mind that org unit intranet is for publishing information to your org unit staff only. Refer to the proposed UQ-wide intranet for publishing information to students or to staff outside your org unit.

1. What kind of org unit can have an intranet?

Org unit intranet is designed for large, high-level entities within UQ such as faculties, schools, university institutes, and key divisions who need to publish information, resources, news and events to their own staff. Org unit intranet is not suitable for sections, teams or other sub-divisions of an org unit. For smaller organisational units, Microsoft Teams may be more suitable than org unit intranet.

Where org units which have a parent-child relationship, such as a faculty-school or portfolio-division relationship, the parent org unit determines the appropriate structure of org unit intranet(s) based on what best suits their area. There could be a combined intranet, separate intranets, or another solution depending on factors such as the amount of shared information between units, which units have the skillsets for building and managing an intranet, and more.

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