The org unit intranet template comes with a standard set of terms that can be used to add metadata to your site content. These standard set of terms are managed centrally by the ITS project team and are applied consistently to all intranets.

When a new org unit intranet is created using the template, the standard term sets are copied to the new intranet.

  • Intranet coordinators must review the standard term set and may modify them locally if needed.
  • Intranet coordinators and editors should carefully plan their metadata and term sets during the architecture and design phase of their planning process.

Stay as consistent with the standard term set as possible to enable sharing and aggregating of content. For example, if ITS publishes IT updates under the 'Information technology' topic but the Library uses the 'IT' topic, we won't be able to share and aggregate that content.

Managing terms and term sets locally

To add or update term sets within your org unit intranet:

  • click the Settings icon (cog) in the purple banner.
  • click Site information
  • click View all site settings
  • on the Site settings page, click Term store management under the Site Administration heading
  • expand Intranet-support group
  • hover over either of the term group to show a small down arrow
  • click the down arrow to see more options to manage the term sets (example: create, copy, move, delete etc.)

Standard term set managed by ITS

  • Campuses
    • Gatton
    • Herston
    • Long Pocket
    • St Lucia
  • Page and document types
    • Content page
    • Home page
    • Landing page
    • News post
  • Topics
    • About us
      • Culture
      • Governance
      • Strategies and plans
    • Committees
    • Communication and marketing
    • Development and training
    • Engagement
    • Facilities
    • Finance
    • Health, safety and wellbeing
    • Information technology
      • SharePoint
    • New staff induction
    • News
    • No topic set
    • Projects and initiatives
    • Research
      • Ethics
      • Funding
      • Reporting
      • Research projects
    • Teaching