Create a news post

To create a new news post:

  • Navigate to the News and events site
  • Click the + New button and select News post
  • Select News post from the Templates list
  • Click Create post

Title area

Choose an appropriate image that reflects the essence/message of the news post. 

Keep the Title area configuration to the Image and title option.

Leave the 'Name or email address' field blank.


By default, the description is auto-generated from content on your page.

Because the description is displayed in places like search results and news item listings, we recommend creating a description to replace the default content.

To add a description:

  • Edit your news page
  • Click 'Page details'
  • Replace the default content with a concise description

A description that concisely summarises the page content will help site visitors navigate to the correct page via search results.


You can click the ‘+’ sign in the content body to insert and display different types of information within the news post (including images, links, buttons etc.).

Do not change the following default font settings and only use the inbuilt styles:

  • font size
  • font color
  • highlight color

Latest news

This section is pre-configured to display the latest 4 news posts published to the site. Do not change the default settings for this section.


The 'Topics' field in the side-nav uses the 'Page properties' web part to display the metadata for this news post.

Before publishing the page, update the settings so that it displays the correct 'Topic' this news post must be associated with.


Comments are always turned on by default. For news posts, org unit's can make their own decision whether to keep them enabled or turn them off. Keeping the comments enabled on news posts will allow site visitors to engage and provide feedback.


    • The Page type should be ‘News post’
    • Select an appropriate thumbnail image for the news post
    • Select an appropriate 'Topic' this news post must be associated with. 'Topic' is a required property. A news post cannot be published without adding a 'Topic'.
    • The 'Next review date' is a required property and should be no more than 12 months. We recommend reviewing your home page every three months. A news post cannot be published without adding a 'Next review date'.

    Contact (optional)

    If it is important to display a person’s contact details for a particular news post, add it to side navigation after the Topic (following conventions for landing/content pages).

    Quick help

    At the bottom of the page template is a section containing quick help in an embedded PowerPoint presentation. You can click through the presentation for quick tips for editing your page.

    When you are ready to publish your page, delete the entire Quick help section. Click in the section and the section controls will appear on the left-hand edge. Click the trash can icon to delete.

    Managing news

    Effectively manage and surface news posts by:

    • ensuring all news posts are added in the News and events site only.
    • ensuring all new posts are tagged to the correct topic.
    • configuring pages to display news posts only from the News and events site on the home page
    • configuring pages to display news posts only from the News and events site, that are tagged to the relevant topic on landing pages
    • using the built-in features of the News web part to reorder and organise new posts.