Create a content page

Make sure you're in the right site

  • Click on New in the menu under the site name and select Page.
  • There are two templates we’ve designed for the org unit intranet. Ignore the built-in templates. Choose Content page template. Click on Create page. 

Add a page title

  • For the page title, think about when this page comes up in search results, what will tell people what this page is about? A page title should be as meaningful as possible.

Set Topic and Next review date

  • Set Topic and Next review date under Page details. 
  • Topic is a mandatory field - you won't be able to save or publish until you set a topic. 
  • Set the Next review date - it should be no longer than 12 months. You can also set it to a date when the content will need to be updated - This could be at the end of a semester or at the end of an event. 
  • Set the topic in the Related pages web part by clicking the edit icon.
  • Scroll down to 'No topic set'. You will need to type in the exact topic. You will notice the Related pages web part will update instantly once you enter a topic. This web part displays other pages that are tagged with the same topic so users can easily find related content.
  • Save as draft

Turn off comments

  • Edit the page, scroll to the bottom, and toggle comments to the 'off' position. 

Delete quick help section

  • Finally, remember to delete the quick help section when you are ready to publish (This section contains quick help in an embedded PowerPoint presentation). You can click through the presentation for quick tips for editing your page. 

Description field

By default, the description is auto-generated from content on your page.

Because the description is displayed in places like search results and news item listings, we recommend creating a description to replace the default content.

To add a description:

  • Edit your content page
  • Click Page details
  • Replace the default content with a concise description

A description that concisely summarises the page content will help site visitors navigate to the correct page via search results.

Use this area for adding links to systems or external sites and applications that are related to the page content. 


There are two examples here - contacts for a team and contacts for individual people. Delete anything that you don't need. 

If you use the people web part to display individual people, check the details displayed are correct. The people web part automatically displays user information stored in their M365 profiles. If the details are incorrect, advise staff to submit an IT request to update their profile.