According to the intended audience, the event can be created in the following locations:

  • News and events site - if the event is relevant to and applies to everyone in your org unit
  • Information, services and support site - if the event belongs to a particular topic and is relevant to a specific subset of people in your org unit

Create an event

To create an event in the News and events site:

  • Navigate to the News and events site > All events page
  • Click the + Add event button
  • Fill in the required information and click Save

To create an event specific to a particular topic (example: Information technology or finance):

  • Navigate to the Information, services and support site
  • In the top banner, click the settings cog and select Site contents
  • Check if a calendar already exists for the desired topic
    • If yes, open the calendar and the new event.
    • If no, click the + New button, select App and then Calendar to create a new topic calendar. Once created, add the new event.

Title area

Choose an appropriate image that reflects the topic/message of the event. Add an appropriate title to the event.

Additional information

Update the scheduled time, duration, location, online meeting link (if available), and category of the event. In the Category field, you can select from the following options:

  • Event
  • Key dates
  • Training and development


You can add a description of the event in the About this event field. You can use the formatting options to change style and add formatting.

You can also use this field to mention speakers, special guests, or contacts from your org unit that are added in the Name or email address field.

Managing events

Follow these instructions to effectively manage and surface events:

  • Ensure all events are added in the appropriate site and in the appropriate calendar.
  • On home page, configure pages to display events only from the News and events site.
  • On landing pages, configure pages to display events from the appropriate calendar in the Information, services and support site.