SharePoint is a very powerful and flexible platform but there are a lot of decisions to be made about how to set it up. The implementation process helps you make the right decisions for your site, and can save you a lot of re-work down the line.

  • The org unit and ITS have determined that an org unit intranet is the right solution ​
  • The org unit has an internally approved proposal for creating and maintaining their intranet
  • The org unit has roles and responsibilities defined​
  • The project team has a sandbox site and roles identified for training
  • The org unit has a clear understanding of the problem(s) to be solved ​
  • The org unit has the purpose, priorities and scope of the intranet build defined​
  • The org unit has information security requirements defined​
  • The implementation team has completed training
Architecture and design
  • Make key decisions about the structure and organisation of your site 
  • The real org unit site can be created once certain decisions are made
  • Plan the build, launch and maintenance of the site
  • The site is built according to the plans created in the design phase
  • The launch is planned
  • Conduct quality checks
  • Launch site
  • Post-launch fixes and communications
Drive and maintain
  • Drive adoption​
  • Ensure benefits are realised​
  • Maintain and enhance intranet to meet needs​


Follow the checklists for each phase to ensure you have completed all important tasks.

You don’t have to go through the checklists in strict order. There may be a bit of jumping back and forth as new information comes to light. 

Download checklists (DOC, 26KB)

Onboarding phase checklist

In this phase you confirm whether org unit intranet is the right solution, your resourcing and skills, and get the go-ahead to proceed.


Contact ITS to set up an initial kick-off meeting to:

  • Confirm whether org unit intranet is the right solution for your needs
  • Understand what's offered in the org unit intranet service​, including the support available from ITS
  • Understand what would be involved in creating an intranet​ for your org unit -- skills, resources, time, etc:
    • review the planning process, governance model and training requirements
    • discuss any advanced functionality requirements

Identify your sponsor and project team, and align internally on matters such as:

  • key roles and responsibilities
  • resourcing
  • timing
  • relationship to other strategies and projects
     Do a quick audit of the likely content and scope of your intranet - what do you currently have where, how much is there, what state is it in, and who needs to access it?
     Talk to similar size and type org units who have already built their intranet
     Create an internal project proposal and get internal approval to proceed
     Training for key roles identified and requested
     Sandbox site generated

    Discovery phase checklist 

    In this phase you uncover everything that might need to be in scope and then set the purpose, priorities and scope for your initial implementation.

    Training and preparation 


    Project team members complete training 


    Consult staff and key stakeholders through workshops, interviews and/or surveys to identify their requirements and priorities.

     If you have an existing intranet, conduct a usability survey (supplied by ITS) with your org unit staff to establish a baseline to compare with new intranet

    Content and functionality discovery 
    Audit template (XLS, 17 KB) 


    Audit the existing content buckets (including functionality & tools) used for information sharing and communication within your org unit


    Identify any additional content gaps, pain points and/or requirements not addressed via existing content buckets 


    Identify the permissions for each content bucket – who needs to view, and who needs to edit?  


    Identify any unique requirements for content buckets (e.g. additional templates, special approval processes, metadata) 


    Perform gap analysis – can org unit intranet meet those needs? 

    Strategy, scope and governance  


    Confirm intranet governance roles and key stakeholders


    Draft org unit intranet purpose and priorities 


    Define scope and objectives for initial build and release 


    Define any additional local governance processes, roles and responsibilities 

    Architecture and design phase checklist 

    Start by keeping things as simple, standard and open as you can. Only customise or restrict if it’s essential.

     Information security


    Define if any additional sites need to be created for information security reasons


    Define who needs to be able to view and edit within in each site


    Identify how you'll give all staff in your org unit access to the intranet -- is there an existing all staff group? Is it kept up to date?


    Define if any additional permissions are needed for people outside your org unit (should be very limited)

    Page design and information architecture


    Define additional content types and templates (if required)


    Define overall content structure and hub navigation menu


    Define topics needed


    Define lists and views needed


    Define additional libraries needed (if required)


    Design key pages – home page, key landing pages, key content pages


    Confirm recommended use of page naming and file naming conventions


    Confirm recommended structure and naming of document library folders


    Define use of additional term sets (if required)

    Content creation/migration plan


    Identify content creators and the content production process


    Create plan for content migration


    Determine what will happen to the old intranet, e.g. switch to read-only, decommission

    Governance and management plan


    Review roles and responsibilities the intranet and key content buckets (as they may have evolved)


    Review the intranet purpose and priorities (as it may have evolved)


    Define content maintenance and monitoring schedule

    Request real site from ITS


    Meet with ITS support to review your architecture and design plan to ensure it is feasible and can be supported


    Request your real site be created (allow 3-5 days)

    Build phase checklist 

    This is the phase where all your architecture and design plans will be executed. Monitor the build to ensure standards are being followed.


    Build and configure the site structure based on design plan (pages, lists, libraries etc)  


    Build the Term store hierarchy – term sets and terms 


    Configure approvals if applicable
     Plan and communicate upcoming content freezes and/or dual publishing processes as launch approaches
     Source and upload images for home and landing pages, and image library if needed
     Onboard content owners and editors -- training, orientation, support


    Create and migrate content - pages, documents, lists 


    Conduct spot checks to ensure content standards are being followed and topics are being applied correctly 

     Plan how staff will be redirected from the old intranet to new


    Create launch plan including quality checks, approvals and communications

    Launch phase checklist

    The following checks should be completed on all sites within the hub prior to launch.

     Content and links


    All test/placeholder content has been removed


    All pages have been assigned one or more topics and a page type


    Comments on home page, content pages, landing pages, utility pages, are switched off


    Review dates added to all pages


    All news posts are current for launch
     All events are current for launch
     Blank pages / partly built pages are removed or completed
     Review any unpublished pages for publishing/deletion
     Meaningful and concise descriptions added to pages 
     Check for broken links - within site pages and hub navigation
     Correct heading levels used
     Sentence case is used instead of title case (except for proper nouns and names) 
     Suitable, high-quality images are used
     All images within image web part have alt text (not header or thumbnail images) 
     Check that “All pages” and “Related pages” content is displayed correctly from relevant sites
     Meaningful link text is used (avoid ‘Click here’ link text)
     Buttons are not overused 
     Ensure site is using default theme settings
     Redirects organised from old intranet (if UQ domain, submit an IT request)

    Information security and permissions


    Any automated approval flows enabled and tested


    Check permissions and sharing reports on each site 

    Review all sites and remove any custom or unique permissions on site pages and documents libraries


    Check with ITS if your existing "all org unit staff” AD group is the right kind of group to be added to the 'Site visitors' group and do random tests before launch.

     Unique permissions granted for either review or testing purposes on individual sites within the hub should be removed for individuals who will be a part of the "all org unit staff" AD group.
     Unique permissions granted to users from another org unit or an external organization for either review or testing purposes on individual sites within the hub, should be removed for individuals who will not need permissions after launch.

    Approvals and launch


    Approval obtained from Intranet Sponsor for launch


    Communicate launch date to all org unit staff
     Remove any content owners added to the visitors groups on all sites


    Launch - Add "all org unit staff" AD group to site visitor group on all sites
     Launch - Add additional visitors outside the org or external to the University individually to site visitor group on all sites
     Launch - Enable redirects from old intranet if applicable; remove access to old intranet if applicable

    Immediate post-launch 


    General check and test (including access is working, redirects are working) and fix any errors


    Announce launch to all org unit staff


    Alert editors that content freeze/dual publishing is now over

     Update new staff onboarding processes to include an overview of the intranet for new staff.

    Drive and maintain phase checklist

     Governance and management plan takes effect 
     BAU governance and operational processes begin
     Regular maintenance and monitoring  
     Continuous improvement and optimisation to further utilise SharePoint and M365 capabilities 
     Continue to promote intranet for 2-3 months internally 
     After 8-12 weeks, repeat the usability survey to see how the intranet has been received (and compare with the old intranet survey, if applicable).
     Monitor monthly reports (usage, maintenance/quality and adoption) 
     Decommission old intranet when appropriate

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