All professional and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) teaching staff are appraised through the UQ Recognition and Development (R&D) process. This includes:

  • fixed-term staff who are employed for more than a year
  • staff on contracts that are extended beyond a year.

The R&D process supports you in your career progression by:

  • clarifying work priorities
  • exchanging feedback
  • planning career development and professional development activities.

The process includes a formal annual review, but recognition and development is reinforced every day through ongoing meetings and conversations between you and your supervisor.

For more information, read the:

Annual appraisal process

The annual appraisal process includes:

  • clarifying and negotiating the goals and expectations of the position
  • providing feedback about work and recognising achievements
  • identifying staff development needs and activities
  • preventing and resolving work problems
  • making plans to achieve career aspirations.

Read Performance Appraisal for Professional and TESOL Language Teaching Staff Policy, Procedures and Forms [5.70.01] for the:

  • full appraisal process
  • R&D planning form.

Performance recognition

A staff member who has demonstrated a high level of performance during the performance cycle may be recognised through a number of informal and formal mechanisms at the University, including the:

Staff development

Staff can choose to participate in a range of development options to enhance performance and support future career progression. Staff and their supervisor should discuss these opportunities as part of regular conversations throughout the year.

Development opportunities include:

Supervisor and manager training

If you supervise or manage staff you must complete: