Proposed Enterprise Agreement 2018–2021

The proposed new Enterprise Agreement, called The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2018–2021 (the Proposed Agreement), has been submitted to the Fair Work Commission for approval. The Agreement will come into force seven days after the Fair Work Commission’s date of approval and will stay in force until a nominal date of 30 June 2021.

Until the Fair Work Commission approves the Proposed Agreement, the current Agreement remains in force.

You can read the:

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Payment of back pay

The approval process may take several months. In recognition of the delay, the agreed 2018 salary increase of 2% or $1750 (whichever is greater) has been paid in the pay period immediately following the successful vote, to staff employed at that time. 

Frequently asked questions about back pay are listed below. 

Why is my pay larger than normal in the pay period ending 26 October 2018?

Because the majority of staff accepted the Proposed Agreement, the agreed annual salary increase of 2% or $1750 (whichever is greater) is being paid to staff in the pay period ending 26 October 2018.

Why haven't I received the full $1750 in the pay period ending 26 October 2018?

The $1750 is an annual increase in pay, effective from 31 March 2018. The back pay paid to staff in the pay period ending 26 October 2018 consists of approximately 7 months' worth of the annual increase.

The example below is calculated using the salary of a full-time employee at HEW level 5.4 who receives back pay for the period between 31 March and 12 October 2018.

Previous fortnightly pay: $2773.13
Current fortnightly pay: $2840.21
Back pay per fortnight: $67.08
Total gross back pay: $939.12

View UQ staff pay scales from 31 March 2018

Why are there so many pages on my payslip for the pay period ending 26 October 2018?

Your payslip for the period ending 26 October 2018 shows back pay transactions as well as your normal pay transactions, from 31 March to 26 October 2018. 

Transactions between 31 March and 12 October are shown as an amount being reversed and then paid at the increased rate. This includes any leave, public holidays and other transactions. 

When will I receive payment on my fixed-amount allowance?

Work is underway to calculate the back pay entitlements on fixed-amount allowances. 

Will my 2018 ATO Payment Summary be amended?

Your 2018 ATO Payment Summary will not be amended because the back pay was paid after 30 June 2018. Because the payment was made in October 2018, it will be reported in the 2019 financial year. 

Financial disclosure

Bargaining representatives are required to disclose certain financial benefits they may derive under the Proposed Agreement. For details, read the:

The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014–2017

The University of Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014–2017 is UQ's current enterprise agreement. Although this agreement expired on 31 March 2017, it will continue to operate until it is terminated or replaced by a new Enterprise Agreement.

Notification of 2017 enterprise bargaining round

Employees were notified of their representational rights in relation to this year's round of bargaining in an email dated 9 March 2017.

You can download the Notice of employee representational rights (PDF, 137KB).

UQ's bargaining objectives

The bargaining process was initiated by the bargaining representatives submitting a log of claims, a list of key priorities to be discussed during enterprise bargaining.

Read UQ’s 2017 bargaining objectives (PDF, 57KB).

Bargaining representatives

These are the nominated bargaining representatives negotiating the proposed enterprise agreement.

The University of Queensland bargaining representatives:

  • Professor Aidan Byrne, Provost
  • Mr Bill Kernahan, Acting Director, Human Resources
  • Mr Anthony Lennon, Associate Director, Human Resources (Workplace Relations)
  • Ms Ann-Maree Waugh, Senior Employee Relations Consultant.

National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) representatives:

  • Associate Professor Andrew Bonnell - NTEU UQ Branch President
  • Mr Rohan Hilton - NTEU Industrial Officer
  • Dr David Callaghan - Delegate
  • Ms Avril Johnston Craig - Delegate.

Together/Australian Services Union (ASU) and United Voice representatives:

  • Ms Irene Monro - Together/ASU Assistant Branch Secretary
  • Mr Mark Starkey - Together/ASU Delegate
  • Mr Robin Jones - United Voice Delegate
  • Ms Mandy Fisher - Together/ASU Delegate.

Individual bargaining representatives:

  • Dr David Wadley
  • Ms Valentina Urrutia Guada
  • Ms Pauline Par Mavier
  • Mr Bartholomew Mearns