Equal Opportunity Online (EO Online) is an interactive equity and diversity training program for Australian universities, customised for Queensland legislation and for the policies and procedures of UQ.

How to complete

Access the training at EO Online and follow the instructions to complete the assessment.

It comprises 2 modules, each of which should take from 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

You can log out of EO Online before fully completing a module by bookmarking the page you were working on and return to it when convenient.

The program produces an acknowledgement certificate. You should print this for your records and forward it on to your manager as proof of completion.

You review the EO Online material every 2 years to keep up-to-date with legislative and policy changes.

Contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion if you have problems accessing the program or registering your completion of a module.

Reports for managers

Managers and supervisors can access reports of EO Online completions in the UQ Reportal (data is limited to your Aurion permission level).

To view reports, log in to the UQ Reportal and go to:

  1. Staff
  2. Admin
  3. EO Online Alerter Report.

You can see:

  • EO Online completions summary
  • details by employment type
  • details by classification type.

Completion records are updated manually. This means there may be a delay between when staff complete training and when the records are updated in UQ Reportal. If a completion record hasn't been updated after a month, you can contact Staff Development at staffdev@uq.edu.au to check the status of the record.