Core Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning is an innovative online course that aims to strengthen Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural capability of organisations and employees at all levels.

It has been developed by the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS). Learn more about the training.

Core Cultural Learning provides a detailed exploration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and topics to help you:

  • enhance your cultural understanding
  • gain a deeper sense of self-awareness and critical reflection
  • enhance your personal and professional capacity to engage respectfully and effectively in an intercultural context.

It is strengths-based and encourages you to understand our own cultural perspectives as the basis for effective interactions with people of different and diverse backgrounds.

Who should complete the training

All staff are required to complete modules 1 and 2.

There are also optional modules you can choose to complete.

How to complete the training

Step 1: Log in to the Learning Ground website

To access the training:

  1. Go to the Learning Ground website.
  2. Select ‘The University of Queensland’ as your identify provider and click ‘Select’. The UQ Authenticate login screen will load.
  3. Log in using your UQ username and password.

Once logged in you will be directed to the course on Learning Ground.

Step 2: Access the training modules

If you’re not directed to the course after you log in:

  1. Click the ‘home’ icon on the left on desktop, or in the menu on mobile.
  2. Select ‘The University of Queensland’.
  3. Select the module you want to complete.

If a message appears saying that you are not enrolled in any classes, click the ‘Contact us’ button at the bottom of the page and submit an enquiry to request access.

Step 3: Complete the training modules

All staff are required to complete:

  • Module 1: Thinking about cultures and identities
  • Module 2: My Country, our Country

Before you start the required modules, it’s recommended you do Module 0 to be introduced to the course and how to navigate the modules and activities.

You can also complete optional modules (3-10) to receive a certificate and complimentary copy of Indigenous Australia for Dummies by Professor Larissa Behrendt. Read a review of Indigenous Australia for Dummies.

When you complete a module, make sure you click the ‘Finish’ button at the bottom of the screen to record your score.

If you use a screen reader and can’t access the training content, select ‘Contact us’ and complete the form to request an accessible version.

Help using the training

  • To watch a video, click the small play button at the bottom left of the video screen, next to the time display.
  • To read a transcript of a video, click ‘TRANSCRIPT’ or ‘LYRICS' at the bottom left of the video screen.
  • Use the large arrows at the left and right to move to the next or previous slide.
  • Press F2 on your keyboard at any time to see instructions for using the training.

Reports for managers

Managers and supervisors can access reports of Core Cultural Learning completions in the UQ Reportal (data is limited to your MyAurion permission level).

To view reports, log in to the UQ Reportal and go to:

  1. Staff
  2. Workplace Training
  3. Online Training in Selected Modules – Staff
  4. Core Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Learning.

You can see:

  • completions by module
  • details by employment type
  • details by classification type.

Completion records are updated overnight. This means there may be a delay of a day or two between when staff complete training and when the records are updated in UQ Reportal. If a completion record hasn't been updated after a month, you can contact Staff Development at to check the status of the record.