Professional support is available to help staff with a range of concerns.

There concerns can include:

  • health issues
  • personal issues
  • personal and work relationships
  • workplace change and pressures.

We need to support our colleagues who have a mental illness, or who may be experiencing emotional distress. Mental health issues are likely to affect almost half of the Australian population at some stage in their lives, so encouraging these conversations at work is the right thing to do.

General counselling and mental health support

The following services are available:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides confidential wellbeing services for staff and their immediate family members.
  • UQ Psychology Clinic can assist with a range of psychological issues in children, adolescents, adults, older adults, couples and families.
  • UQ Wellness program provides staff with the opportunity to participate in health-enhancing activities while at work.
  • Workplace Psychologist assists with workplace management advice for staff and supervisors impacted by a mental health condition
  • Staff Assistance Services Procedures [5.70.06] outlines the internal and external services available to staff to help resolve problems that may their affect work performance or ability to function socially within the work environment.

R U OK? Day

At UQ we encourage you to promote R U OK? Day in your local area. Promoting R U OK? Day at UQ is an excellent way of showing your colleagues that you care about mental health and are not afraid to talk about mental health matters.

Training for staff

You can participate in a range of training opportunities to:

  • help understand mental health
  • know how to provide help to those around you
  • develop strategies and techniques to protect against mental illness.

These include:


If you supervise or manage someone who is off work due to illness, it's important that you remain in contact to show your support for them. If they are away from work for more than a few weeks, speak to your HR team.

You can also:

Other resources for managers to create healthy workplaces and support staff:

Guides for UQ managers and supervisors:

Handling workplace stress

We know that stress is a normal response to workplace demands. It helps us stay alert and perform at our best. But managing stress so that it doesn't damage our mental health can be challenging.

Other resources include: