Prescribed special payments

Prescribed special payments are payments greater than $5000 that are:

  • legally prescribed, like out-of-court settlements or court-ordered damages
  • not legally or contractually required but made out of goodwill ('ex gratia'), for example a payment to a contractor on the grounds of hardship because of an excessive loss on a fixed-price contract
  • not necessarily contractually required but in circumstances where a court may rule that we have an obligation, for example if a contractor incurs additional costs as a result of our inaction

Read the Special Payments Procedures [9.10.04] for full definitions and approval processes.

Reporting prescribed special payments

You must report all prescribed special payments over $5000 to Financial Accounting, who maintain a register of special payments, as per section 4 of the Special Payments Procedures [9.10.04].

For each payment you’ll need to send the:

  • date of the payment
  • amount of payment
  • recipient of the payment
  • reason for the payment
  • approval given for the payment.

Sponsorship and donations

If you want to make a donation or sponsor a community organisation or event:

  1. Read sections 5.3 and 5.4 of the Special Payments Procedures [9.10.04].
  2. Complete a donation and community sponsorship form (PDF, 190.3 KB) with approval from your Head of School or equivalent.

Memberships and subscriptions

Subscriptions that provide a direct benefit to UQ and are not of a personal nature can generally be purchased using University funds. In some instances memberships may be paid for using University funds.

For more details, read sections 5.1 and 5.2 of the Special Payments Procedures [9.10.04].