Customers have 30 days to pay us from the date of their invoice.

If a payment is overdue, we send a series of reminders, up to a final demand for payment after 90 days.

If it looks like an invoice isn’t going to be paid, an Accounts Receivable Credit Controller will work with your organisational unit to decide what to do next. That can mean:

  • adjusting or cancelling the invoice
  • writing it off as a bad debt
  • employing external debt collectors.

See the Accounts Receivable Procedures [9.35.01] for more detailed procedures for debt collection and writing off debts.

Requesting external debt collection

If an external debt collector is required:

  1. Collate any customer contact information and supporting documents, including all invoices and records of correspondence with the customer.
  2. Complete a request for debt collection form (DOC, 62KB), with approval from an appropriate financial delegate.
  3. Submit the form and supporting documents to Accounts Receivable with 'Request for debt collection' in the subject line.
  4. If you receive any payments from the customer after you’ve requested external debt collection, contact the Accounts Receivable Credit Controller you’ve been working with.

External debt collectors charge commissions on amounts they collect. This commission will be charged to your nominated chart string.

Funds recovered by the external debt collectors will be allocated to your nominated chart string.