UQ uses Mastercard credit cards provided by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for many low-value transactions.

Applying for a corporate credit card

Find out if you are eligible for and how to apply for a UQ corporate credit card from Corporate Credit Cards Procedures and Forms [9.40.02].

Your new card may take up to 3 weeks to arrive once approved. You will be notified by email when your card has been delivered to the St Lucia campus.

Reconciling your card

As part of being granted the use of a UQ corporate credit card, you must reconcile your card in the Expense Management System (EMS) ProMaster. You need to provide copies of all tax invoices and receipts so a Compliance Checker can ensure your expenditure is legitimate and within policy. If you do not reconcile your card, it will be temporarily suspended.

The Expense Management System training module is available online.

Uploading receipts and reconciling transactions

You can upload receipts and process credit card transactions through:

Take training to learn how to upload a receipt or process a credit card transaction.

Adjusting the card limit

All cards are issued with a:

  • $5000 transaction limit
  • $20,000 monthly limit.

If you need to apply for a limit adjustment after your new card is issued, follow the procedure outlined in Corporate Credit Cards Procedures and Forms [9.40.02].