Strategic commitment schedules

The Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and Provost distribute an updated list of strategic commitments in:

  • January (as at 31 December)
  • March (as at 28 February)
  • June (as at 31 May)
  • September (as at 31 August).

Applying for strategic funding

New funding requests are considered periodically through the year.

  1. Before applying for funding for initiatives funded by the VC or DVC(R), read the strategic funding financial principles (PDF, 321KB).
  2. Follow the process outlined in the strategic funding application process (PDF, 134KB).
  3. Complete a new funding request template (DOC, 215KB).
  4. Email your request to Strategic Funding.

Variation requests

Before funding commitments expire, you can make variation requests at any time of the year by emailing a variation request template (DOC, 250KB) to Strategic Funding. We’ll consider requests as soon as possible.

You don’t need to request a variation for any amount that is both:

  • less than $10,000
  • less than 10% of the funding allocated for a particular year.

If a funding commitment has expired, you must request any variations by 31 January – 1 month after the end of the year for which the commitment applied. We won’t consider requests after this date. We’ll communicate the outcomes of these requests by the end of March.

Funding in arrears

Funding in arrears (FIA) schedules are processed on a quarterly basis, and are available for updating by Finance Professional Services team Finance Managers up to 2 weeks before the end of each quarter.

The FIA journal is typically posted on the second business day of a new quarter. A final FIA journal is posted at the end of the adjustment period at the end of the year.

For information on FIA registers and reimbursement queries, email Funding in Arrears.

Non-funding in arrears transfers

In May, we transfer the strategic commitments that are not subject to funding in arrears, for example co-contributions, operational support and legacy commitments.

In December, we distribute any commitments that arise after the May transfers have been completed.

Annual and final reports

Annual reports are required to be completed by certain recipients of strategic funding. Refer to the strategic funding financial principles (PDF, 321KB) to determine if reporting requirements apply to your specific project.

Annual reports

You must email your annual report to Strategic Funding by 31 January each year.

If you're lodging your first annual report, it's not due until at least 6 months after the original scheduled start date for the project.

Final reports

You must email your final report to Strategic Funding within 1 month of the project's end date.

For example, for a project that ended on 31 December 2016, the final report would be due on 31 January 2017.

Finance staff