The UQ Leadership Framework identifies 7 key capabilities that define leadership in the UQ context.

It is designed to:

  • provide a guide to what UQ expects of its formal and informal leaders
  • help build a common understanding of leadership
  • support leadership development
  • assist in the integration of leadership at all levels into the culture of UQ
  • align with UQ’s strategic direction, and mission, vision and values.

Using the framework

The framework is built on our philosophy of leadership at all levels. It can be used by:

  • formal and informal leaders at all levels across UQ
  • academic and professional staff.

You should examine your own context to determine how you can best demonstrate the capabilities.

You can use the framework to:

  • support your own development
  • articulate expectations of leadership, and support development conversations within your workplace
  • support recruitment processes.


Each leadership capability has examples of how it could be demonstrated by a leader at UQ. But there are many more ways you can demonstrate them within your own context. We encourage you to explore how you can demonstrate your leadership by enacting these capabilities.

The capabilities were identified based on:

  • a review of current best practice, leadership theories and capability frameworks across higher education, government and corporate sectors
  • consultation with internal content experts.