The UQ Leadership Survey is a 360-degree feedback tool to support your leadership development.

6. Implement and share your action plan

You'll select a coach from a range of experienced external coaches. They'll work with you for an agreed number of sessions to help you implement your actions and track your progress. The coach may be a specialist in an area you have identified, or may act as a more general support.

Sharing your action plan

It is expected that you will thank all of your respondents and share:

  • your intended action plan with your manager
  • a summary of your action plan with your team and your respondents as appropriate.

Following up after the survey:

  • shows your survey respondents that you value your input
  • opens up opportunities for further discussion and feedback
  • helps you keep yourself accountable for the changes you want to make.

The degree to which leaders follow up with respondents is predictive of the degree of change that colleagues report observing.

You will not be required to share your full report with anyone else unless you choose to. Your results will not be shared with anyone else without your permission.