The UQ Leadership Survey is a 360-degree feedback tool to support your leadership development.

3. Invite your survey respondents

Contact your respondents

Once you’ve selected your respondents, let them know you'd like them to participate in the survey. You’re asking people to do you a favour by taking the time to give you thoughtful, candid feedback, so it’s appropriate for you to contact them before they receive an invitation from the survey system.

Let them know that:

  • you are undertaking the survey and what you hope to achieve
  • you would value their input
  • it will take about 10-15 minutes to complete the survey
  • their responses will be anonymous (aside from your manager)
  • they can find out more about the Leadership Survey online (including anonymity, reporting and how responses are used) or contact UQ Leadership for more information.

There’s a sample email you can adapt to suit your needs.

  • Sample email to respondents

    Dear [name]

    I am participating in a 360° feedback process and would appreciate your support as a respondent.

    This means I’m asking you to complete a confidential electronic feedback survey that will provide me with valuable information to help me plan my development. The survey will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. I am genuinely interested in your feedback and intend to use the survey results to support my leadership development.

    Your responses are anonymous (except for my manager), and will be de-identified and grouped. I will not be able to identify specific respondents, so please be honest in your feedback.

    Please keep an eye out for the survey email from ‘’. If it doesn’t arrive please check your junk email folder. There will be a closing date on the survey and I would appreciate you making sure it is completed and returned by that date so I can receive my report. Prior to completing the survey, you are strongly encouraged to review the respondent briefing information provided on the UQ Leadership Survey website.

    Please be aware that I am completing the UQ Leadership Survey process as part of a leadership cohort. As such, respondents may be invited to provide feedback to multiple leaders at the same time. To ensure respondents have adequate time to provide feedback and avoid survey fatigue, survey open times for a leadership cohort are likely to be scattered. As a result, you may not receive your invitation to complete my UQ Leadership Survey for several weeks following this email.

    I appreciate your time and your willingness to take part in this process. If you have questions about the process itself, you can visit the UQ Leadership Survey web page or contact the UQ Leadership team on or 07 336 51963.

    Thanks again

Submit your respondents list

To nominate your raters, complete the respondent selection template (XLSX, 9.9 KB) and email it to your survey organiser. Make sure you:

  • check that the email addresses you provide for respondents are correct
  • include yourself as a self-rater.

Your survey organiser will arrange for invitations to be emailed from the survey system. Each person, including you, will receive a unique link to complete the survey online.