The UQ Leadership Survey is a 360-degree feedback tool to support your leadership development.

2. Select your survey respondents

Who to choose

There are several categories of people who can provide meaningful feedback. You can nominate people who are internal or external to UQ in any of the categories.

Consider what you want to achieve from the survey, and identify the people who are best placed to help you achieve this aim. For example, if you are most interested in perceptions of your leadership on a particular project, you should select people who worked on that project.

The people you select need to be able to comment on your behaviour in a work context. We recommend selecting people:

  • you work with regularly
  • you’ve worked with for at least 6 months
  • who can provide a balance of positive and constructive feedback.

If you need advice about choosing respondents, you can talk to:

  • your survey organiser
  • your manager
  • UQ Leadership.

Manager or supervisor

Your manager or supervisor is the person or people most responsible for overseeing your work. You should always include them in the survey. If you haven't been working with them for very long, we may choose to delay the survey or also invite your previous supervisor. If you nominate more than 1 manager or supervisor, their responses will be aggregated.

Peers and colleagues

People in this category are frequently fellow team members or people in similar roles to you across UQ. They may not necessarily work in the same organisational unit as you, but they must be reasonably familiar with your work and leadership style.

Direct reports

You should generally include everyone you supervise. This will help get a good spread of responses, ensure anonymity and prevent any perception of favouritism or bias in the survey. If you believe you a have a very good reason not to include any of your direct reports, discuss this with your survey organiser before you finalise your respondent list.

Other contacts

This category can include customers, collaborators, industry representatives or members of community groups you work closely with. They must have had sufficient opportunity to observe how you work.

How many people to choose

You should invite at least 5 people in each category (except manager or supervisor). Inviting more respondents will generally improve the accuracy of the results and reduce the influence of individuals.

A total of 5 respondents (excluding self-ratings) must have completed the survey for a report to be generated. There must be 3 or more completed responses in the ‘peers’, ‘direct reports’ and ‘other’ categories for these to appear in the report.

Read about the UQ Leadership Survey for more information about aggregation of responses, reporting and how responses are used.