Before you start

The program starts at the pre-commencement stage, to ensure that information surrounding the contract conditions and position description are clearly communicated and that relocation assistance and other support is available.

On acceptance of the position, the coordinator will contact you to prepare for your arrival. They will confirm your arrival date and time, and your Executive Assistant may also be in contact to discuss diary arrangements.

Once you have accepted the position, download the SLP Guide for Senior Leaders (DOCX, 487.4 KB) to ensure that you submit all relevant documentation.

Your coordinator will be in touch to organise details for your commencement and provide details of key agenda items for your first week.

On commencement you will be provided with:

  • an itemised calendar, with aims to introduce you to your team and other key senior leaders
  • handover documents designed to provide information about the history and purpose of your role, accountabilities and responsibilities.

Meet your coordinator

Your coordinator will be in contact with you before your first week to:

  • facilitate the program
  • tell you about any mandatory training that needs to be completed in your first week.

Your coordinator will continue to play a key role in your induction, and will remain in contact over the next several months.

Understand our leadership, governance and organisational structure

UQ's governance system is made up of the:

Other resources:

Find teaching support services and resources

The Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation provides leadership, engagement and advocacy in educational innovation, teaching excellence and learning analytics.

UQ Research and Innovation provides oversight of areas relating to research including policy, ethics, funding administration, reporting and analysis, partnerships, and training and professional development of UQ’s researchers.

Plan your way around campus

On your first day

An SLP team led by your SLP coordinator will be working through a series of activities with you to assist you in your transition. If you have any specific requirements that are not being met please ensure you make them known to your Coordinator.

Understand your role

We encourage you to clarify your role to ensure your expectations are met and those of your supervisor and direct reports. Your supervisor will be available to answer any questions you may have regarding your role requirements. Your direct reports will also be able to discuss your role requirements in relation to them.

Your SLP team will work through the program activities of relevance to you, in order for you to become familiar with your role.

Other information includes:

  • your position description and the requirements of your probation and contract. You will have the opportunity to meet with your supervisor in the first week to discuss role and performance expectations
  • career progression and appraisal forms.

The UQ Leadership Framework identifies 7 key capabilities for leadership in the UQ context and the suite of leadership development programs on offer.

You may find it useful to understand how your role fits within the broader UQ context by accessing the UQ Strategic Plan.

Training and leadership

The UQ Leadership Framework identifies the capabilities that are critical to demonstrating leadership at UQ. These capabilities are relevant to both formal and informal leaders, across all levels and roles.

We have a number of staff development courses available, which you may find relevant.

During your first week

The activities during your first week are aimed at:

  • providing further role clarity
  • introducing you to key professional networks and other senior leaders.

Your coordinator will provide you with key contacts that are relevant to your role, such as in HR, finance, and OH&S.

Complete mandatory training

Depending on your role, certain courses need to be completed in your first week. All mandatory training can be found via the 'Learning App' within Workday.

Review the delegation of authority policies

The Delegations of Authority Policies [1.10] set out the principles and framework for delegations of authority by the Senate.

Make sure you are familiar with the relevant delegations as they relate to your position.

By 3 months

Your SLP team will be working with you in the first 3 months to provide further information about:

  • role expectations
  • strategic directions
  • leadership responsibilities.

You should clarify your role and expectations and those of your direct reports as early as possible, and before the annual performance appraisal.

By 6 months

Now that you have been at UQ for 6 months, your coordinator will contact you to ensure your needs are being met and provide you with any additional support you may require.

The SLP team will continue to work through the activities with you to:

  • consolidate your knowledge so far
  • identify any further needs for settling into your role.

After 12 months

Participate in the UQ Leadership Survey. This is a 360-degree feedback tool designed to help you enhance your leadership and support your development. The survey provides you with data and insight into perceptions of your leadership style held by your manager, team members and colleagues.

The survey is being rolled out across UQ. You will be notified of the opportunity to participate in this process.