The Senior Leaders Program (SLP) streamlines your transition to your UQ leadership role and provides a strong foundation for success.

Your SLP team will be working closely with you from to identify your needs and customise the program to suit. You can contact your SLP coordinator or supervisor if you have questions.

Engage with a customised program

The SLP provides a structured, yet customisable, process for you. The program framework targets key areas that have been identified as predictive of new appointee success.

Engagement with the program and taking an active role in the process will greatly assist in your transition.

Experience a smooth orientation experience

You will have a team responsible for implementation of different aspects of the program:

  • coordinator
  • supervisor
  • peer guide (if requested by you)
  • mentor (if requested by you).

They will work closely with you, particularly in the first few weeks, to support your transition. Your coordinator will ensure you are notified of relevant meetings within your organisational unit.

Help with moving to Brisbane

Your coordinator may contact you before you start at UQ to discuss your relocation assistance needs or accommodation options.

If you are from outside Australia, they may also offer additional services, such as:

  • taxation advice and use of our financial advisor service (through Tynans)
  • health cover information and advice (BUPA)
  • superannuation information and advice
  • a tour of UQ’s campus (St Lucia, Gatton, Herston)
  • relocation information on local services
  • further assistance as negotiated (visa assistance, flights, travel insurance).

Attend welcome and orientation events

We hold an annual welcome lunch for our new senior management staff. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • meet other senior leaders and members of the Vice-Chancellor Committee
  • network with peer groups and mentors
  • be welcomed into the UQ community.

The New Staff Expo is held twice a year, at the beginning of each semester. It includes stalls where you can learn about UQ’s facilities and resources, and attend a welcome from the Vice-Chancellor and other members of the executive.

The annual Senior Management Group Retreat is held for selected staff. Depending on your role you may be invited to attend. Information about the retreat will be provided to you closer to the time of the event.

Access development and support

The Staff Development program offers a range of courses and training for senior leaders to help you meet the diverse needs of your staff and potential students. There are also workshops specific to assisting you in learning the University's information and technology systems, and operational procedures.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Division provides information on managing risk and ensuring wellbeing at work.

The UQ Wellness program aims to promote wellness at UQ by supporting staff health and wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Programs:

  • Individual wellbeing: you and your immediate family members can access up to 6 sessions of free confidential counselling or coaching support
  • MyCoach for People Leaders: support, resources and techniques to assist you in dealing with people issues that present on a regular basis.

Support from a peer and mentor

You can request to have a peer or mentor, or both. Talk to your coordinator for more information.

A peer can:

  • answer any informal questions you have about life at UQ
  • assist you in connecting with other senior leaders and communities of practice
  • involve you in relevant committee meetings for your attendance
  • answer any questions you have about the work systems.

A mentor can:

  • be a formal source of information about working at UQ and under the guiding governance structures, policies, and procedures
  • provide technical support and knowledge
  • support career progression
  • involve you in relevant committee meetings for your attendance
  • connect you to other senior networks.