UQ Answers for current students becomes part of my.UQ

31 Jan 2019

As part of the digital transformation, we have been growing my.UQ as the one-stop-shop for students. Over the last two years, many different sites and systems have been merged into my.UQ, including My Advisor, Programs and Courses, Starting at UQ and IT information for students.

UQ Answers was the web interface to the UQ CRM system, where current students accessed knowledge base articles, the Ask a question form, Student Centre chat and their CRM support history. UQ Answers is now being integrated into my.UQ.

Some of the changes to UQ Answers for current students have already gone live: it is labelled as my.UQ, looks more like my.UQ and has been moved to the domain support.my.uq.edu.au.

In mid-February 2019, we will release the final round of changes which complete the integration of UQ Answers into my.UQ.

Read on for detail about the changes and what you need to do:

Site search finds web pages and knowledge articles

Students no longer need to search two different places for information. The site search in the top right of every page on my.UQ will find both knowledge articles as well as web pages.

my.UQ header - search is top right
Use the search box in the top right of every page on my.UQ
Search results showing my.UQ pages and knowledge articles
Search results will contain relevant my.UQ web pages and knowledge articles

The search box on https://support.my.uq.edu.au/ (the former UQ Answers home page) searches only knowledge articles, not web pages, so it misses out on key information students need. We will no longer link to this page and students should not be directed to it.

my.UQ web pages can include customised support information

In December, we stepped up our integration with CRM with a feature called the ‘support region’.

example of the support region on the wi-fi page
Example of the support region on a page about connecting to wi-fi

The support region at the bottom of a web page shows knowledge base articles with supplementary information for that page as well as support contacts or links.

Links to the Ask a question form can be configured to preselect a topic on the form, which enables faster triage and routing.

Preselected "topic" option
The relevant topic preselected on the Ask a question form

You can see the support region in action on the pages in IT information for students as well as IT information for staff.

Contact the ITS Digital Content team on content@its.uq.edu.au to discuss adding the support region to your my.UQ content.

A single path to student contact options

Students need a single place to find contact information. The my.UQ Contact page covers all student contact options, with an emphasis on directing students to the right support channel for their question.

Students can access the Ask a question form and Student Centre chat via the my.UQ Contact page.

The Ask a Question form and Student Centre are no longer linked from knowledge base articles or other former UQ Answers pages.

Suggested answers on the Ask a question form

In late 2018, the Smart Assistant feature was added to the Ask a question form. After a student fills out the form and clicks Continue, the form will suggest relevant knowledge articles based on the content of the enquiry and the topic selected:

Suggested answers before the form is submitted
Suggested answers on a student enquiry

The student can read the knowledge articles without leaving the page:

a suggested answer expanded

If their question has still not been answered, the student can then submit their enquiry as usual.

To discuss creating or updating knowledge articles to work with Smart Assistant, contact the ITS Digital Content team on content@its.uq.edu.au.

CRM support history via my.UQ Dashboard

Students access their personal information via my.UQ Dashboard, including their profile, courses, timetable, and My Requests. As part of the merge of UQ Answers into my.UQ, students will now have access to their CRM support history from my.UQ dashboard.

Support History option in the my.UQ dashboard
Support history is one of the options in the menu in my.UQ Dashboard

For enquiries that were created within the UQ CRM system, students will be able to:

  • browse and search their current and past support enquiries

  • update and close open enquiries.

Support history is no longer linked from knowledge base articles or other former UQ Answers pages.

What you need to do

The name “UQ Answers” is being phased out for current students. In your websites and communications, please direct students to my.UQ (https://my.uq.edu.au/) rather than UQ Answers.

Links to the old domain of https://uqcurrent.custhelp.com and to the old UQ Answers home page at https://support.my.uq.edu.au/ should be updated. For the time being, old links will redirect automatically to the correct location. The current URLs of the Ask a Question form and Support history page will not change.

Review your automated CRM email responses to see if they mention or link to UQ Answers, and update them to refer to my.UQ. The ITS Digital Content team can advise on wording if requested.

Links to generic contact options for students should go to the my.UQ contact page at https://my.uq.edu.au/contact.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on this change or any part of my.UQ. You can use the Feedback link in the footer of any page to give feedback, or contact the ITS Digital Content team on content@its.uq.edu.au.

Coming to my.UQ in 2019

The digital transformation continues in 2019. Our plans for my.UQ include:

  • coming soon: a new version of My Timetable in the my.UQ Dashboard

  • more user research and usability testing

  • further integration between my.UQ and CRM

  • improvements to search

  • merging the Student Services website into my.UQ.

We’ll also be working on improvements for current staff and other audiences.

Contact the ITS Digital Content team on content@its.uq.edu.au if you’d like more information about these plans.